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A series of detective novels written by David Shepherd, the novels feature Detective-Inspector Raynes, whose ability to solve murder mysteries is in the best tradition of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. Crime and sex are happily mingled with a good dash of humour, making the books ideal holiday reading.

11 books have now been published:

- Buried in Baptism
- Frozen in Nice
- The Burns Supper Murder
- Who killed Sophie Jack?
- Murder Within Tent
- Slaughter at the Polls
- A Christmas Cracker
- A Mishap in Majorca
- A Prospect Of Rye
- Murder on the Mallaig Express
- The Puddleduck Affair

Books scheduled for publication:

- A Funeral Is Arranged
- Opera Bouffe

Copies of the published books are available from:

Meadowside Publications
14 Albany Terrace
Dundee DD3 6HR
United Kingdom

David Shepherd's 'Crime Fiction'
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